Flip, Switch and Roll FAQs

Do I have to use all the Number cards to play Flip, Switch and Roll?

If you want a shorter game, remove as many Number cards as you like from the Number card deck. This won’t affect the mechanics of the game. 

In a 2-player game can I use all the Number cards?

Absolutely, the game will be longer and both players may end up with the same Number card on occasion, but it’s still great fun to play!

If a “block any player’s Switch card” is played against me, can I pick up a card before carrying on my turn to replace it?

You cannot replace your card once it has been blocked during your turn, you also cannot put the blocked card back into your hand. Once blocked, players can either carry on playing with their remaining hand or end their turn and pick up one card. Players are only able to refill their hand back up to three cards on their next turn, as the blocked card counts as a played card.

Can the “block any players Switch card” be used against an opponent’s “block any player’s Switch card”?

Absolutely! Players can use a block card to counter an opponents block card. It is even possible for your opponent to play another block card to block your counter block.

In a 2-player game, is there a difference between the Switch cards “Force 2 players to swap Number cards” and “Swap a Number card with a player of your choice”?

No, for a 2-player game there is no difference, both cards act in the same way by allowing you to swap your Number card with your opponent. This gives players more opportunity to change their Number card if they find themselves with a pesky 3 or 18. In a 3 (or more) player game, “Force 2 players to swap Number cards” doesn’t have to include yourself, this card is useful in slowing down any players who are quickly collecting Number cards. 

If, for example, I use a “Flip 3 dice” Switch card, can I flip one die to complete a number card, and then flip the other two dice afterwards?

No, Number cards can only be completed once the action on the Switch card has been completed fully. This also applies to opponents Number cards. 

Can I use a “+ or – 1 (2 or 3) from 1 die” to change a die to a number below 1 or above 6?

No, the numbers that can be displayed on the dice can only range from 1 to 6, so it is not possible to complete a Number card using a number that is below 1 or above 6.